Why you should NOT rent a car in Cuba

Red car on the streets of Havana, Cuba

Do not rent a car in Cuba.


Let me repeat that: “do NOT rent a car in Cuba”.

Besides being very expensive, in case of an accident, unlike countries where you are assumed innocent until proven guilty, in Cuba, the law is such that you are assumed guilty and you must prove your innocence before the court similar to what happened to this Australian woman.

That means that you will be forced to stay in the country until your case is heard or until Cuban authorities decide to release your passport for you to leave as it  happened to this woman from Canada.

In either case, it can be many, MANY, months that you will have to stay in Cuba at your expense and there is absolutely nothing you or your country’s embassy can do about it. There have been several instances of this as you can find if you search online. Just like this Canadian teen found out the hard way.

We highly recommend that you either hire a private car with a driver or taxis to take you around, even for long distances since you can always negotiate a price. You can also simply arrange transport through us if you contact us here.


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