Take Part in Cuba’s Gay Pride May 3-19, 2017

Cuba Journal, Participate in Cuba’s Upcoming Gay Pride Celebration May 3 – 19, 2017 …

Cuba’s social and economic opening has an unexpected expression in a growing pro LGBTI movement.


Mariela Castro, President Raul Castro’s daughter, last year led Cuba’s largest Pride event to commemorate the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHAT). Ms Castro is the head of the Cuban National Center for Sex Education and is Cuba’s most vocal supporter of LGBT rights.


Cuba’s 2017 event is expected to be even bigger.


The country’s celebration of IDAHAT that will be from May 3 to May 19, 2017.


The two week IDAHAT event includes symposiums, lectures, films, art exhibits and a theatrical festival, headlined by Cuban singer/celebrity, Haila Mompie. Touting the theme “Humanity is Diverse”, members from Cuba’s LGBT community and its supporters will be out in full force in a show of solidarity and celebration.


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