National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Habana, Cuba. 

A must see site for anyone interested in art as here one can appreciate a whole cultural sketch that includes, not only Cuban art, but also cultural elements of Greco-Roman and Egyptian art. Anyone looking to expand their knowledge of the arts must visit this prestigious institution located at the entrance of Havana, coming from East to West and crossing the tunnel of the bay.

It’s in the Old Havana section diagonally across the street from El Capitolio (City Hall) and the Gran Teatro de la Habana (Grand Theatre of Havana) and a 15 minute walk from Havana’s Chinatown. To reach the museum your hotel service can organize a tour; otherwise you can rent a car or hire one of the many private cars who sometimes speak good English and can act as a tour guide as well.


The museum boasts a sculpture by Rita Longa at the main entrance.


The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (MNBA) is a public museum located in Havana, Cuba. Under the Ministry of Culture, it occupies two buildings in the vicinity of the Paseo del Prado; the Palacio de Bellas Artes, dedicated to Cuban art, and the Palacio del Centro Asturiano, dedicated to universal art. A third building is intended for administrative functions. The museum one of the largest collections of paintings and sculptures in Latin America and is the largest on this Caribbean island.


The museum was inaugurated on April 28, 1913, as the Museo Nacional de la República. It functioned until the mid-twentieth century as an encyclopedic museum, specializing as an institution dedicated to the History of Art after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution. Initially, its headquarters were close to the site that today occupies Hospital Hermanos Ameijeiras, in the municipality of Centro Habana, corner of Concordia Street and Lucena, near the old Frontón.


Its artistic heritage is made up of more than 45,000 pieces, 5 of which are considered some of the most important in Latin America and the Caribbean. Together with the largest collection of Cuban art in the world, it preserves pieces from the most important European schools, an important heritage of the continent. The museum also has important pieces of ancient art from Greece, Rome and Egypt.

The museum has a theater and an extensive cultural program that includes temporary exhibitions, concerts and social gatherings. It also maintains the Centro de Información de Antonio Rodríguez Morey, an important center of reference for the visual arts in the country. The museum’s library boasts more than 120 thousand volumes.



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