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The idea of  providing custom and personalized tours of Cuba was conceived some years before we launched this site in late 2016. Being passionate about travelling to Cuba and based in the Toronto area of Canada, we (just like the European citizens) have enjoyed easy access to affordable vacations in Cuba.

Although the majority of travelers to Cuba simply prefer the all inclusive one or two week beach resort vacations, we choose to offer a few different options such as custom tours in art, history, architecture, music and countryside plus a few more.

These are tours that one can follow totally on their own. Cuba is a very safe and hospitable country. Europeans and Canadians that have been visiting Cuba for many, many years can attest to that. For example, did you know that you can safely bicycle around Cuba whether you are a single male, female, couple or group and stay in casas particulares along the way?

Cuba, being the largest island in the Caribbean, offers plenty to discover, from its flora and fauna to its art, history and music.

We welcome your ideas, suggestions and constructive criticism. Should you have any questions or comments, please, feel free to contact us here.

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